Monday, July 18, 2011

Minggu Kebudayaan Melayu

Selamat Pagi!!!! :)

What is with the malay language?!?! Well, apart from it being our national language, KDU UC is now having our annual MALAY CULTURAL WEEK, held by non other than the Pre-University department students!!! Woo hoo!!!

Different from other years, this year's MCW, or MKM as we prefer to call it (Malam Kebudayaan Melayu) is unique due to our theme: Evolusi (evolution)

This year's theme promises that the malay culture you get to see are an evolving culture, seen from the 50s to the now.

the whole week contains many exciting events, from the first day all the way to the finale on Saturday, which is a dinner event, with a special guest performance. The special performance had been a staple with our annual dinner, with artists such as M. Nasir, Zainal Abidin and Aishah.

Beginning today (Monday - 18th July 2011), we open the week with the Offical launching that includes the launch of a Malay novel and the inter-school malay traditional dance competition.
Tuesday will see an Inter-school choral speaking competition while the next day (20th July) sees a treasure hunting competition!!! :)

Thursday is the Malay Cultural Carnival, an event not to be missed while Friday is our our traditional day, where many staffs and students are going to where our traditional clothes, showing not only the multiracial people in the college, but also relating to the national theme of 1Malaysia.

As I said, the MKM will culminate in a spectacular dinner event where malay cultural shows are presented to attendees during the dinner! Dinner price is RM50 for both the show and meal, held in our own KDU UC Auditorioum.

SO what are you waitng for? JOM, PERGI DAN BERGEMBIRA!!! :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Welcome, and welcome again!!! :p

Today's the 26th January and Pre-U is buzzing with plenty of excitement... Why?
It's beacause the CHARITY PLAY PREVIEW starts today!!!!

The play starts at 2pm today, with much anticipation behind it... Will it be a success? Will it flop? Will it...? Well, if you want to find out, come today at 2pm, to the auditorium hall of KDU Damansara Jaya college!!!

By the way, to commemorate today's opening, there will be plenty of things sold around the hall as well, such as
  1. choc fondue
  2. carbonated drink- pepsi n revive
  3. cordial drink – orange
  4. hotdog bun
  5. corn bun
  6. cake batik
  7. cup cake
  8. herbal egg
  9. mua chee
Dare I say more? Anyways, today ain't the only day you can join and donate to the charity play. The play will also be held tomorrow from 7pm and this Saturday from 7pm. In fact, the Saturday's play will be a black tie event, where there is a complimentary 3 course Italian Meal before the play.
Tickets for the dinnner are sold at RM100 per pax. Come on, people. Donate for charity!!! Whatever that KDU made will be automatically sent to the Children's Cancer Fund in PPUM; so it is really a charity dinner after all!!!

Do come over!!!

P/s: Thurday's play (7pm onwards) costs RM15.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Greetings!!!! On an update on the charity play, we now have the 27th January play on as well, timed at 7pm and priced at RM15 as well!!!
DO Watch the play, while donating for better future to the cancer kids!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


To the Public and everyone else; this is an update on the Charity Play that our department is presenting. Below is the video of THE MAKING OF the play :)
As usual, if there is any enquiries, feel free to contact MR Jefri - 0129311776, before midnight :p

Friday, December 24, 2010

A short Message

A short video about the plight of the oncology patients in the UM Medical Centre.

Join The Army from nazmi shaarani on Vimeo.

(a Big Thank you to Nazmi for such a good video!! :))

Also, Our School Of Pre-University Studies is having an Open Day on the 2nd of January 2011, with foods and activities to go along with. Do join us there!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

O.M.G. - a Shakespearean Interpretation

Shakespearean literature is a universal classic, no doubt about it. His poems and plays especially, his plays; have been used throughout the ages till today, in academics, socialites and others as well. His plays were either mirrored or adapted in many ways in modern fiction, be it written/graphic literature (Neil Gaiman's The Sandman)to modern songs/movies (Baz Luhrmann's 1996's Romeo and Juliet).
Now, why are we talking about Shakespeare? Well...

The play is given the title of O.M.G; an acronym for Oh My Girl. It is a modern adaptation of William Shakespeare's comedic play The taming of the Shrew. It is a musical romantic comedy on how love is not only sowed in a singular way and a sole intention, and how sometimes, true love and bloom with persistent patience on the stage of life.
Kristiana Padua is only well known for 2 things - her acid tongue and notorious reputation as the Shrew of Italy. Will this reputation however, ruin her chances of finding love in an arranged marriage with the newcomer in town, Paolo? Who will be the first to give in to love - the girl or the boy?
The purpose of this play is to raise funds for the Children Cancer Fund at University of Malaya's Medical Centre (UMMC/PPUM), where there is a need of medication, equipment and other supplies for the patients there. This play is aimed to assist the pediatric oncology patients, who are all between 4 months and 18 years old.
The target of our charity play is to raise a minimum of RM50,000 for the fund.
The charity play will be held on the 26th and 29th of January 2011. Both plays will be held at the newly renovated auditorium of KDU UC main campus, at Damansara Jaya. The preview will be opened to public at the price of RM15, with the play starting at 2pm.
The second play on the 29th is a part of a black tie dinner event, starting at 8pm to 10pm. Seats for the dinner and play are priced at RM100 & RM200 respectively.
More announcements in regards to this play are on the way in the near future.
Make your contributions to the fund by coming to the play!!! :)

Santa is coming to town...

Well, 2 more days to Christmas, and are you a good boy/girl this year? If not, better do your best for the remaining 2 days :p

The school would want to wish all those celebrating X'mas a great big merry christmas! Don your santa suits if you want to and hang all the socks and mistletoe around the house!! :)